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Posted On:
April 25, 2015
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» Oakville
Complete lightly used aquarium tank kit with extra equipment and accessories in great condition!! Perfect opportunity for a first time or an avid hobbyist!! Can be used for freshwater or saltwater.
Package includes;
29 gallon original aquarium kit
Aquaticlife 30" T5 HO dual lamp light fixture
Marineland power filter.
Koralia circulation and wave pump
Marineland submersible heater
Aquaticlife mini protein skimmer
Various accessories such as hydrometer, magnetic aquarium cleaner, and acclimation drip
Half a bag of aragonite substrate
Half a bag of instant ocean reef crystal reef salt
Leftover water conditioner, ph buffer, master test kit and medication
Variety of fish food
Marine aquarium books
Amazing value for only $200!!!
I can also sell some of the itmes separately!

Please contact me for details.

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