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April 22, 2015
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» Oakville
For Sale By ------------ Dealer
Year ------------ 2001

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Manlift is in excellent running condition and fully certified and ready to use. Foam filled tires & 4 wheel drive and just over 3,000 hours and will run on Gas or Propane.
call Jim @ 905-510-6496

We rent or sell any size of man lift in either a skyjack electric scissor lift from 15 ft up to 38 ft or a genie boomlift or snorkel lift, jlg lift from 40 ft up to 150 ft in straight stick or articulating. Delivery to your jobsite as well. We also service all types of manlifts including annual inspections and NDT testing (non destructive testing) at the jobsite or your facility or ours. Please call us for any scissor rental or Man lift or Forklift Rental 1-866-SKYLIFT (1-866-759-5438) for further info of man lift rentals or inquiry of used skyjack sales. All types of lift equipment rentals, rental skyjack, genie rental. Scissorlift rental, Personnel lift rental, Genie lift rental, Manlift rental, Forklift rental, Telehandler rental, Rough terrain lift rentals, Genie Towable boom TMZ34/20 and TMZ50 we also sell and rent JLG Towable booms T350 and T500J.
We also offer mobile Skyjack repairs, mobile Genie repairs and all types of mobile lift repairs and specialize in troubleshooting lifts and scissorlift troubleshooting and any boom repairs as well as NDT testing on any type of Lifting device. Fall arrest training & Fall protection as well, discounted & only offered until April 1st/2015.

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