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Posted On:
April 9, 2015
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» Oakville
For Sale By -------------- Owner

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Section 319 Row 17, Seats 19 & 20
*These seats are right behind the Raptors bench and close to Sec 320 (near centre court)

Round 1, Game 1: $155/ticket, $310/pair *SOLD
Round 1, Game 2: $150/ticket, $300/pair (reduced price)
Round 1, Game 3: $165/ticket, $330/pair
Round 1, Game 4: $180/ticket, $360/pair

I am a season ticket holder so I will get tickets to all 4 possible home games during round 1. Won’t be able to go to all of them (nor can I really afford it!) so I am looking to sell. The Raptors will not provide tickets until the playoff schedule is released after the regular season finishes (Apr 15), but I am taking deposits on the tickets and will hold them for you until then. I will send the money back immediately if one of the games is not played (e.g. home games 3 and 4). In order for you to feel comfortable making a deposit/purchase, I can meet and provide multiple IDs, license plate info, Facebook invite, work email or whatever else you wish.

Just reply to this ad and I will email you back or provide a phone # and I can call you/text you depending on your preference. I can meet anywhere along the Hamilton to Toronto route (or nearby areas).

Once the playoff schedule is released, I can give you the print out of the tickets AND/OR will transfer them through the Toronto Raptors Ticket Exchange (so that the tickets will be in your name and you can print them out yourself). If you want, we could meet at a place with WiFi access so that you can see me transfer the tickets to you through the Toronto Raptors website before paying.

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